ADSI prides itself on delivering the most cost effective solutions, while still delivering quality safe work to our customers. Understanding the needs of our clients, and those of their customers, is a prominent strength of ADSI. We strive to communicate well, exceed expectations and build strong relationships within our company and with our customers. We have an established reputation for being partners for success.

Distribution: Projects include new construction, system wide improvements, and new build for overhand and underground utilities.

Transmission: Projects include new build and maintenance services for overhead utilities.


Substation: Projects include, switching, protection, and control equipment and one or more transformers.


BPL: Projects include Power Line Communications know as Broadband over Power Lines.


Street Lighting: Projects include new build, system wide improvements and maintenance

Storm Restoration: The ability to effectively and efficiently respond to severe storms (Hurricanes, Tornados, Ice Storms, and Derechos) and to service our customers by restoring power to damaged areas.